Media and Value-Add Solutions Improve Campaign Performance

Beverage manufacturer gets a campaign jolt


Ground and K-cup Coffee

Client Goal:
Increase brand awareness, build brand equity and maximize digital coupon campaign performance.

Program Facts:
Two coupons for $3 off two products and $1.00 off one product ran on the Digital FSI. The brand leveraged display ads and value-add elements – including Featured Today,* Offer of the Week* and the SuperSaver enewsletter – to drive print conversions.

Performance baseline for value-added components calculated by using daily print velocity trend from all national offers.

The media and value-add elements supporting the coupon campaigns drove significantly more print volume than the baseline.

*Minimum print commitments required for Offer of the Week/Featured Today placements

Source: 1 Internal Reporting; 2 Google Display Benchmarks Tool, 3 Months Ending June 2013.


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