Three Resolutions to Make 2014 a Success


With 2013 coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on how you can be more successful in the new year, including how you can use our platform more effectively. is a proven place to reach the right audience at the right time with the right offer, so kick off 2014 with three resolutions to optimize the campaigns you're running with us. 

Resolution #1: Plan Ahead – It's Good for You and Your Retail Partners

To optimize your campaigns’ impact, let us help you create an annual plan for your digital coupons. Advance planning helps your brand:

Increase efficiency – Run campaigns more effectively throughout the fiscal year and secure limited, prime media slots, ensuring campaign coverage during key timeframes.
Optimize – Increase brand visibility through optimized campaign reach and engagement.
Get merchandising – Open up retailer merchandising opportunities as more and more retailers get behind digital initiatives.
Internal alignment – Achieve internal cross-functional team alignment to minimize overlap in the marketplace and avoid issues of running the same brand coupons simultaneously.

Meet your brand objectives with annual planning and reap the benefits for your brand and retail partners. 

Resolution #2: Always Offer a Choice

With 57% of Americans using smartphones today,1 consumers stay connected to everything they care about all while on-the-go. Smartphones empower consumers with the ability to choose how they shop – wherever and whenever – and how they save. Whether consumers want to access your offers digitally on their mobile device or printed from their home computer, it is essential to give consumers choice. In order to provide options, optimize your digital campaigns by ensuring you have enough digital paperless and digital print activations to cover the length of your campaign. 

A best practice is to run your campaign for at least four weeks to reach consumers when they're in the mindset of purchasing your category. By doing so, you'll reach a valuable audience:

Brands that seek to provide shoppers with convenience and choices will do well in today’s consumer-centric world.

Resolution #3: Build Equity While Building Sales

Just as important as your brand’s message is where your message appears. Context is key to effectively positioning your brand. By placing your message in a contextually-relevant environment, you can reach receptive shoppers open to your branding. These shoppers are most likely to interact with brand-provided information, tips, tutorials and content. Our audience has proven to be very receptive to receiving messaging while in a planning mindset. Our Brand Sponsorship solution, an immersive site sponsorship, allows you to position your brand in front of shoppers’ next shopping trips and experience:

Just as consumers are searching for more information to help them make a purchase, your brand should seek opportunities to empower consumers with product-specific information right before their store visit.

Looking Ahead

Resolve to optimize your campaigns in 2014, using's industry-leading platform to help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right offer. Working with us to create annual plans improves campaign performance to benefit both your brand and retail partners. And by putting consumers at the forefront of your marketing plans, with your message in the right context, you can maximize the impact of your digital campaigns. No matter what your brand’s objectives are for the upcoming year, utilizing these best practices will help influence purchase decisions and drive incremental volume. 

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