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Embracing Digital Marketing for Your Shopper Marketing Campaigns

As many shopper marketers know, driving awareness for your shopper marketing programs is important to not only promote your brand but your retail partners as well. With digital marketing, you can message consumers right before their next shopping trip to ultimately drive traffic to your retail partner’s stores and incremental volume for your brand.

The Value of the Digital Shopper Drives Sales

When shoppers are visiting and the coupon section of our retail partners’ sites, they're in a pre-shop, planning mode – in fact, 59% of our audience will visit the grocery store within 2 days.1 They’re focusing on discovery and decision-making and are responsive to messaging, particularly as it relates to a retailer they may decide to visit.

When asked which of the following they’ve done while visiting

Incorporate Digital Into Retailer-Specific Strategy

With’s new Audience Xtend™ Shopper solution, you can effectively support your shopper marketing efforts by messaging these shoppers when they’re most receptive. Powered by's proprietary shopping preference and purchase intent data, this shopper marketing solution provides targeted ad delivery across optimized web touch points. The richness of our proprietary data allows us to identify shoppers who are about to head to the store and who have demonstrated a store preference for your retail partners. This offers a huge advantage compared to other solutions that only use some form of “rearview” data (like POS data) that only identifies someone as a past buyer, not necessarily someone who is showing intent to buy again.

Retailer Support Within Specified Trading Areas

Audience Xtend Shopper makes promoting marketing programs and events among specified shopper segments and defined geographies easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select retailer & trading areas
  2. Define target audience for ads
  3. Find consumers who have shopped at featured retailer
  4. Advertising delivered across optimized web audiences

Audience Xtend Shopper at Work

There are many ways you can use Audience Xtend Shopper to support your shopper marketing initiatives, including using it to:

Drive traffic to a locally-targeted retailer for a specific event
Highlight a coupon and a special price point at a featured retailer
Drive traffic to your pre-clipped coupon content on a retailer's site
Support multi-retailer media campaigns

Digital Marketing Success

In addition to Audience Xtend Shopper, has a suite of digital shopper marketing solutions to support your campaign objectives. For example, in a recent campaign, a food brand drove product sales at a key retail partner by running a co-branded digital offer on the Digital FSI. The campaign’s high-performing results include:

Promote Both Your Brand and Your Retail Partners

Digital marketing gets your brand and retail partners in front of the right audience to support your shopper marketing initiatives. Digital shoppers visiting are deciding what they want to buy and where they plan to shop. With solutions like Audience Xtend Shopper, your brand has a powerful opportunity to message consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset and most likely to pay attention to information about your brand and retail partners. Whatever your shopper marketing initiative, our shopper marketing solutions provide opportunities to support your retailer partners within specified trading areas.

Source: 1 User Survey, 2013; 2 On-Site Survey, 2012; 3 Internal Reporting

*based on category average; **have not purchased in the past 12 months

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