Current Issue Gets a New Look! unveiled a completely redesigned site with a modernized user experience. This is the first of a number of upgrades that will be announced throughout 2013. So, what does this mean for your brand? For starters, improved consumer engagement and more branding opportunities. Read about the new features and functionality below, or visit to check out the experience live.

What’s New

  1. New header and navigation
  2. Redesigned category navigation window and savings meter
  3. Redesigned Offer of the Week
  4. Medium rectangle ad unit (300x250) replaced the wide skyscraper ad unit (160x600). The MREC, a more widely accepted industry ad format, allows for more creative flexibility for clients
  5. Redesigned coupon offer pods with hover states that show a call to action appropriate to the offer type 
  6. New placement and redesign of Featured Today

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