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Consumers Embrace Digital – Is Your Marketing Appropriately Aligned?


Digital media consumption continues to rise as more consumers look to online channels for their news, entertainment and savings. Yet the migration of online advertising spend is not keeping pace with this changing consumer behavior. For example, marketers spend 21 percent of their advertising budget on print, even though consumers only spend 5 percent of their media consumption time there. And despite consumers spending more time online, advertisers’ digital spend falls short.


Source: eMarketer, September and October 2012

Go Digital & Reach Prime Demographic

With more consumers spending time online, print advertising campaigns are not as effective at reaching a target audience. It’s a challenge to reach moms aged 25-54 via traditional channels like print when nearly 50 percent of those moms do not read the newspaper.1 To most effectively reach this key audience, brands’ marketing efforts must align with how and where these consumers want to connect – online.

Benefits of Going Digital

Utilizing digital marketing solutions can help brands reach target consumers via the digital channels consumers are already using to:

Engage: Form deeper engagement with consumers via rich media ads and content you want them to experience as they gear up for their next shopping trip

Empower: Provide shoppers with product information, tips and tutorials

Connect: Forge a stronger connection by gaining audiences for your brand’s CRM or social initiatives

Motivate: Integrate promotions to encourage purchases


Consider the success of a food client who ran a portfolio-focused messaging campaign on The brand saw an increase in brand favorability and lift in purchase intent by reaching the brand’s core target market online and in a receptive mindset.

To read more about how this brand captured the attention of its audience, download the case study.


Embrace Digital & Maximize Campaign ROI

To maximize their marketing campaigns’ ROI, marketers need to address the misalignment between where they’re allocating their marketing spend and where their target consumers are spending the bulk of their media consumption time. By shifting offline tactics online, brands can reach key consumers through their preferred digital channels to raise the level of dialogue and drive measurable campaign results.

¹ Simmons, Summer 2012 12-month survey


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