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The Power of Context: Engaging Consumers in a Shopping Mindset


As consumers navigate an ever-busy world that offers a dizzying array of product choices, they respond to and actively seek guidance. Such consumers are open to discovering the products that are most relevant to their interests, lifestyle and personal tastes.

Beyond the opinions and recommendations of friends and family, consumers in pre-shop mode search for valuable information, product tips and suggestions from television personalities, lifestyle magazines and websites. These information sources specialize in empowering consumers for all kinds of purchases: everything from small-ticket items such as consumer-packaged products to big-ticket purchases such as automobiles.

This pre-shop research trend has resulted in consumers’ reliance on trusted sources: websites which focus on helping people make their purchase decisions across a spectrum of product categories. It is during this pre-shop timeframe that brands have an excellent opportunity to activate ready-to-purchase consumers in contextually-relevant environments, inviting brand interaction and engagement.

At, we’ve seen the shifts in consumer shopping behavior firsthand. Research conducted among our visitors indicated that 62% visit our site within 48 hours of their next shopping trip.1 It is exposure to our site’s promotional offers and brand advertising that persuades purchase decisions.

Our audience is in a receptive, pre-shop mode:


Our audience’s shopping focus provides opportunity for brands to situate their messages, promote their products and prominently support product launches along consumers’ path to purchase. Reaching consumers in a shopping mindset allows brands to reap powerful advertising results. Consider Dynamic Logic’s advertising effectiveness results quantifying some of the benefits brands have reaped from advertising on

Compared to CPG industry benchmarks, campaign on have performed:


The success of these contextually-relevant advertising programs highlights the importance of messaging to consumers while they’re in a shopping mindset. These shoppers are most likely to interact with brand-provided information, tips, tutorials and content. Just as consumers are searching for more purchase information, brands should seek opportunities to empower consumers with product-specific information right before their store visit. On-Site Survey, January 2012, On-Site Survey, August 2012, 3Dynamic Logic Benchmarks 2009–2011; campaigns 2011–2012


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