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Three Ways to Maximize Collaboration with Retail Partners Using Digital Coupons


Shoppers are increasingly turning to digital solutions to plan their shopping trips, and retailers are recognizing the importance of an online presence during this key pre-shop period. There's never been a better time for brands to align their digital strategies with those of their retail partners. 

Brand and Retailer Collaboration: Then and Now

Historically, brands leveraged offline FSIs to secure feature and display support from their retail partners. However, with the aging of the FSI audience and the FSI's diminishing redemption rate, are FSIs as effective at supporting your retailer initiatives as they once were? For most of you, the answer is probably no, but the good news is that digital coupons can work in much the same way with added benefits. Marketing-savvy retailers who support online initiatives are making a smart choice as digital coupon users make more trips to the store and spend roughly 23% more than the average shopper!1

Maximizing Your Brand’s Digital Strategy

Having powered many successful digital campaigns, we recommend brands consider the following best practices when using digital coupons to support key retail partnerships:


Retailers support digital initiatives when their brand partners set up robust programs with multiple consumer touchpoints. Creating a digital strategy which yields maximum results requires advance planning and a brand mindset shift. When successfully executed, digital coupon and media campaigns can positively impact both brand equity and in-store volume.

1 Custom Research Study 2011

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